Who we look for

The potential franchisee must have access to prime locations in their perspective region. The location can be of leased, rented, free-hold etc. as long as a clear picture of the contract is made possible. The location must be in accordance with the requirements stated by The Açaí Spot.


Having a value system in accordance with The Açaí Spot culture will ensure proper assimilation into the franchise system. Ability to replicate and maintain the same or similar consistency in the entire cycle of outlet management as required. Possessing the integrity, honesty and excellence in operations in compliance with The Açaí Spot's system and standards. Passive ownership of the franchise is discouraged.


Having the necessary capital for setting up the franchise outlet. Financially stable, cannot be looking for short-term ROI only, should be willing to expand into more units if the opportunity is available. Good credit history that will be evaluated by a third party.


Should have previous business experience of a minimum period of 3 years, preferably in the F&B industry (particularly for individual franchises). Franchisee should have a solid foundation to understand all the legalities and fundamental skills needed to operate a franchise business.

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